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Blush to Success Membership

Become the premier 6 figure-earning lip blush artist in your market, using a proven business model and marketing strategy made for artists like you

Starting your own permanent makeup business just got easier!

You’ve been dreaming of building a thriving career in the booming PMU industry… 

You know the pure satisfaction you get from helping each client you serve look and feel like she’s dripping with confidence. But instead of waking up each day to a booked calendar of clients, you’re met with here-and-there appointments and not enough consistent income to finally leave your soul-crushing 9-5. 

You spend your days…

You don’t know how long you can do it all before burnout finally takes over… You know those weekend PMU classes and binging YouTube videos are only wasting your time – leaving you with more questions than answers. And like the boss you are, you’ve been getting by doing it all on your own but it doesn’t have to be this hard… … or take this long. If only you could get results faster… If only you had personalized support… If only you had a clear blueprint to follow teaching you:

Along my journey to scaling my own 6-figure PMU business, I pinpointed three areas that when mastered are proven to drive your success…

The Right Marketing Strategy

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Your Own Signature Lip Blush Style

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A Scalable Business Model

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CEO and Owner of Espoir Studios, LLC.

Hi! I’m Yvon

When I first started my lip blush career, I had to learn the ins and outs of operating my own successful 6-figure PMU business with little to no outside help or support. 

My journey took way longer than it needed to, and I learned mostly through trial and lots of error. And those mistakes are ones I want to help you avoid!

I remember the challenges I faced and it’s my mission to provide my students with everything I wish I had in those early days as a new artist.

I’m passionate about helping you achieve the status of *business owner* and finally reach the financial and time freedom you’ve been longing for.

Introducing Blush to Success…

The PMU coaching membership for permanent makeup artists looking for support and a clear roadmap to start and grow a premier PMU business. Empowering PMU artists to discover their signature style, elevate consistent skills, and build successful businesses with confidence and clarity.


“I’m so glad I chose Yvon as my PMU trainer!”

By the end of the Blush to Success Program, you’ll…

Get (& Stay) Booked with Dream Clients
No more wondering what, when, and where to post on social media to attract your perfect-fit clients. You’ll learn the up-to-date marketing strategies that work for PMU artists to get and stay booked.
Make Your Dream a Full-Time Reality
Stop losing clients when you can’t fit appointment times within your work and family schedule. Finally say goodbye to your stress and your 9 to 5 and let the pressure of doing it all fall off your tired shoulders.
Develop Your Signature Style
Establish yourself as a trusted PMU artist and become known for your unique lip blush technique. Boost your client referrals and artist reputation by refining your technique and creating lasting, high-quality results. 
Run Your Business with Confidence
Learn the essential business foundations you need to launch and grow a thriving 6-figure PMU business. No more learning through trial and error… get the tools to manage your business operations with ease.

You’re one life-changing decision away from the roadmap to 

limitless growth in your PMU career!

But what’s inside the program?

Glad you asked. Here’s 

exactly what you get inside 

Blush to Success…

The program leads you seamlessly through a powerful three-part framework. 

Here’s how it breaks down…

Phase 1Marketing and Branding Foundations
Marketing and developing your unique brand message is the lifeblood of your business. There are loyal clients in your market waiting for your business and in this phase, we’ll show you exactly how to reach them.
Here are just some of the lessons:

✓ Develop your unique brand positioning and message✓ Create your permanent makeup niche✓ Discover your ideal client avatar/buyer persona✓ Optimize your social media profile and strategy✓ Streamline your processes using AI prompts  ✓ Build a strong content plan and strategy✓ Gain essentials photography & videography techniques
[STOCK IMAGE HERE]Something that represents marketing
[STOCK IMAGE HERE]Something that represents lip blushing Phase 2Expert Lip Blush Technique
Your signature lip blush style is essential to stand out as a premier PMU artist. In this phase, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge you need to serve clients with excellence and integrity.
Here are just some of the lessons:

✓  Master needle and machine utilization procedures ✓  Learn sanitation and disinfection procedures✓ Practice proper pre and post-client care  ✓ Learn skin anatomy and advanced color theory✓ Work with various skin types and pigments✓ Advanced lip neutralization training series ✓ Advanced skin types and case studies
Phase 3Scalable Business Model
CEOs know the value of proven systems and frameworks to shrink time and increase revenue. In this phase, you’ll learn how to run a thriving business from understanding legal requirements to understanding sales psychology and client management and retention.
Here are just some of the lessons:

✓ Gain inbound and outbound marketing strategies✓ Understand the various required legal forms ✓ Build your client referral program✓ Automate your processes to increase efficiency✓ Learn networking and collaboration strategies✓ Learn license, certification, and insurance requirements✓ Understand business finances, accounting, and taxes ✓ Understand business entities and start your LLC
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Enroll in the 90-Day Blush to Success Coaching Program…

Everything that’s included:

Complete Marketing Strategy Training Course valued at $2,750

Complete Business Model Training Course valued at $2,750

Intensive Lip Blush Training Course valued at $2,750

Premium PMU Supplies Starter Kit valued at $550

Unlimited 1 on 1 Weekly Coaching Calls valued at $1,997

Scripts and Templates for every step valued at $997

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls valued at $1,997

Live Interactive Special Workshops valued at $997

Business Resources Vault valued at $997

VIP Members Only Mastermind Community valued at $1,597

Total Value = $17,382

Actual Investment = $6,300

Your Payment Options

Most Popular
4 Monthly Payments of$1,575
✓ Blush to Success Course✓ Life-time access, plus updates✓ Unlimited 1 on 1 coaching for 90 Days✓ Weekly group coaching calls✓ Monthly intensive workshops✓ Private community✓ Access to business resources vault✓ Templates and script swipes

Best Value
One-time Payment of$6,300
✓ Blush to Success Course✓ Life-time access, plus updates✓ Unlimited 1 on 1 coaching for 90 Days✓ Weekly group coaching calls✓ Monthly intensive workshops✓ Private community✓ Access to business resources vault✓ Templates and script swipes


Here’s how we make the application process super easy…

Submit Program Application
Complete the application by clicking the above buttons.
Book Student Strategy Call
Have your 1 on 1 strategy call to learn if you’re a good fit for the program.
Receive Customized FeedbackGet personalized feedback if you’ve been accepted into the program

In addition to the Blush to Success Course…

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Get clarification, guidance, and valuable feedback for both your business and your PMU skillset on our weekly Live group coaching calls. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and receive reviews and feedback on their progress each week.

Monthly Interactive Workshops

Our workshop sessions are meticulously tailored to enhance specific skills and master individual techniques. Learn from an array of topics covering permanent makeup, business knowledge, social media and marketing, content creation, and more. 

Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching Calls

Focus on improving your areas of struggle to enhance your personalized coaching experience through unlimited 1 on 1 coaching calls hosted personally by Yvon. 1 on 1 coaching helps students close learning gaps and receive additional support throughout the program. 

Exclusive VIP Members-Only Mastermind Community

Located on our private platform, you’ll connect with other accomplished PMU artists across all experience and skill levels. Engage in insightful and interactive discussions, and receive feedback to continuously build your proficiency. 

Premium Business Resource Vault

Within our resource vault, you’ll have access to additional specialized training classes, scripts, templates, content schedules, and more. This vault will save you countless hours of creation time. Simply find your resource and plug it right into your business. 

My Promise of Integrity 

You’re here to learn the steps and strategies to launch and grow a thriving PMU business. 

I’m confident my process and support will help you get there.

When you enroll in the Blush to Success 90-Day Coaching Program – my promise is to provide you with the highest level of support, community, and coaching with personalized attention to help you achieve the best results. 

No more figuring it all out on your own! 

More Questions? We’ve got answers 





This is for you if…
✔️ You are an aspiring PMU artist just starting and want to begin your journey with the proper foundation.
✔️ You are a working PMU artist looking to sharpen your skills and build a strong brand.
✔️ You are willing to leverage social media to market and sell your services.
✔️ You want to run your business like a business and are willing to step into your role as a CEO and leader
✔️ You are willing to do the work in the program and focus on having a  positive mindset to see results
This is not for you if…
❌ You are not willing to be consistent and disciplined, even when things get tough
❌  You are looking for a career with fast and easy money with little to no effort.
❌ You want to charge premium prices but are not willing to invest in premium prices to level up.
❌ You’re not willing to put in the work for things to be easier
❌ You EXPECT coaches to do the work FOR you – that mindset will hold you back inside the ”Blush to Success” Coaching Program
Here’s what I want you to believe about yourself…
You have what it takes…… the drive… the passion… the won’t quit attitude
But it wasn’t working because you didn’t have a clear roadmap, support, technical knowledge, and community.
But you do now…
I’m here to break down all my professional experience over the last decade working and running my own 6-figure PMU business – so you can stop turning away clients because of lack of skills and confidence.

Those previous training sessions only left you with more questions and no guidance on how to actually run your PMU business. That’s why I created Blush to Success as the all-in-one solution to refining your lip blush skills while also gaining the marketing and business foundation you’ll need to turn your skills into a thriving business.
Let me help you prove to everyone around you that you’re capable of making all your permanent makeup business goals your reality.

Why should I choose a 90-day Coaching Program over a 3-day Training Course for PMU?
PMU Coaching offers advantages over sprint training courses by providing a personalized learning experience, comprehensive long-term support, and the opportunity to develop both technical skills and business strategies for lasting success in the PMU industry.
Our program is beneficial for both beginners and experienced artists. Whether you’re just starting your PMU journey or seeking to refine your existing skills, our coaching is tailored to your needs and goals. We provide guidance at every stage of your career, helping you progress and reach new heights.
Not only do you have complete access to the Blush to Success course and Business Resource Vault – you also have:
→ weekly group coaching calls
→ monthly specialized workshops
→ unlimited 1 on 1 coaching calls!
This is a fully immersive group coaching program to ensure the success of every Blush to Success student. At this time, the individual course is not available for purchase.
No, this is a group coaching program that runs for 90 days.
You have lifetime access to the course program materials, recorded coaching calls, and business vault, including course updates. You have access to Live coaching calls and 1 on 1 coaching for the full 90 days in the program.
I stand by each of my student’s ability to do the work and get their desired results. But the key is – putting in the work. I do not guarantee any results that I can’t control.
There is an application that must be completed and a brief 1 on 1 call to discover if you are a great candidate for the program. After your 1 on 1 call, you’ll be notified if you’ve been accepted into the program.

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